Qazaq Gourmet restaurant and brand-chef Artem Kantsev encourage to take a look at Kazakh cuisine from a new angle, discovering modern gastronomic aspects of centuries-old traditions.

As a basis, the brand-chef made a research trip across Kazakhstan, in the course of which he studied the gastronomic heritage, peculiarities of the diet of regional inhabitants and seasonality of local products. As a result, the gained experience and knowledge, modern technologies, trends and shades of flavors from different parts of our country became the backbone of the restaurant's menu.
About brand-chef
Artem Kantsev, brand-chef of Qazaq Gourmet restaurant, a guide in the world of Kazakh cuisine, and co-author of the book “Gourmet Cuisine of Astana”.
Artem Kantsev's mission is to preserve the genetic taste and raise the prestige of the national Kazakh cuisine in the international arena. To show the richness and sophistication of Kazakh dastarkhan with the help of symbiosis of local products and author's cooking technologies.
Patterns of history, daily life and traditions of the Kazakh people are embodied in the interior of the restaurant.
Every detail shows the kinship of tribes and zhuz, Kazakh hospitality and the spirit of nomadic people.
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